We're lucky to have such great support for the first ever AeroPress Regional on this side of the country.

First Place: 
Automatic spot in the USAC in Portland (April 20), Cash toward a flight to Portland, a one-night stay in the Jupiter Hotel (Downtown Portland), Coffee

Second Place: 
Baratza Encore Grinder, Coffee, Kaffeologie aeropress filter

Third Place: 
Kaffeologie V60 filter, aeropress filter, coffee

Door prizes will be give out to attendees.

A big thanks to the following for offering up prizes for the competitors:

Clive Coffee: Night at the Jupiter Hotel in PDX for the US Aeropress Championship, Grand Prize Sponsor
Baratza: Encore Grinder
Kuma Coffee: Coffee
Kaffeologie: Steel mesh AeroPress filters and a steel mesh V60 filter
Prima Coffee: Aeropresses, disks, mugs, coupons
Speedwell Coffee: Grand Prize Sponsor
Thunderkiss Coffee: Grand Prize Sponsor

A big thanks to Prima Coffee for providing equipment for this event: kettles, scales, grinder, etc.