The rules are simple and follow the rules of the World Aeropress Championships (WAC).

8 minutes. 3 judges. 

The coffee used is up to the competitor. However, the USAC requires the coffee be from Kenya, Guatemela, or Honduras.  The required volume of the drink is three ounces which must be served to three judges in the supplied cupping cups.  (Three cups will be provided per competitor.)

The competitor may also use any water they wish.  Water supplied will be that used by Relax, It's Just Coffee. If you wish to use a different water, you must provide this water and a device in which to heat it.

Competitors have 8 minutes competition time which includes the 5 minute prep time. The iPad clock will count down from 8 minutes. Failure to serve the three drinks in that time will result in disqualification and lots of “booo” ing.  You’ll also be a huge disappointment to your peers.

Must be supplied to the head judge, in writing, prior to start of competition, but does not factor into the evaluation of the brew.

Three competitors will brew at the same time and serve their cups to the judges. The judges will select the winner from that round, and the winner moves on. Top finalists will compete in the finals round.

The champion will represent the Northeast Region in the US Aeropress Championship in Portland on April 20, 2012.  The top 3 finishers in the US Championship are guaranteed a spot in the World Aeropress championship. Same day, same place.